Seduction of Spirit at The Chopra Center This Week!

New in 2012!
This year we have carefully selected a special theme for each of our three Seduction of Spirit retreats. The three themes are Music and Meditation, Pathway to Happiness, and Discover Your Purpose.

Every Seduction of Spirit includes the core elements of meditation, yoga, sutra instruction by Deepak, and other practices for inner calm and expanded awareness. In addition, each individual retreat will feature new experiences, individual and group activities, guest experts, and life-transforming tools and techniques related to the retreat’s guiding theme.

Seduction of Spirit is a rare opportunity to step away from the constant demands on our attention – the emails, text messages, phone calls, meetings, errands, and conferences – and dive into the stillness and silence that flows beneath life’s chaotic surface.

This beautiful retreat is about slowing down and tuning into the peace of present moment awareness. Through the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and other timeless tools, you will begin to:

Deepen your meditation practice
Reconnect with your deepest dreams and desires
Move beyond limiting conditioned beliefs
Tap into your hidden inner reserves and potential
Appreciate the gifts of your life as it unfolds
Let go of the struggle and achieve more by doing less
Experience the mind-body harmony of yoga
Release the stress and obstacles to balanced living
In a supportive group of like-minded individuals, Deepak Chopra and other Chopra Center master educators will guide you in Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, visualizations, creative activities, and discussions that will help you move from constriction to expansion, from fear to love, and from heaviness to happiness.

Seduction of Spirit is suitable for people of all faiths, and for both beginning and experienced meditators.

Who Will Benefit?
Seduction of Spirit is a profound experience that offers a lifetime of healing benefits to anyone seeking spiritual awakening, emotional wellbeing, and greater physical health and vitality. The many gifts of Primordial Sound Meditation and Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga include:

Higher states of consciousness
Greater levels of intuition and creativity
Increased flexibility and energy
Relief from stress and anxiety
Restful sleep and inner calm
Awakening to deeper purpose and fulfillment
Many participants return year after year to deepen their meditative bliss and connect with the friends they’ve made.